Audi TT

Total perfection of a sports car, the Audi TT is at the pinnacle of design with its beautiful unique shape and undeniable good looks. This car will forever be a icon of a quality top of the range sports car.

With its feather weight chassis and powerful engines the TT is not for the timid driver. The 3.2 quattro with its 6-speed manual gear box pushes out a massive 250PS and the TTS quattro can take you further to 272PS. For such a light weight car these kick out blistering speeds.

Recently Audi introduced a diesel engine on the TT with some stunning figures for you eco-friendly people, how does CO2 emissions of just 139 and a combined miles per gallon of 53.3 grab you? Very impressive numbers for such a sporty car.

The ride is solid, smooth and it handles like its on rails, this car is designed for pure driving fun and to turn heads!
Audi TT Key Specifications:
Prices Range:
25,210 - 35,390
Petrol & Diesel
Fuel Consumption (mpg):
* 53.3
Emissions CO2 (g/km):
* 139
NCAP Safety Rating:
4 out of 5
* May vary with model/engine type.
Audi TT
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Posted by:
Toby Andrews


A masterpiece of engineering.
I've had my Audi TT for 3 years now and it still makes me smile everytime i get behind the wheel. It drives like a dream with fantastic road handling, i throw into bends and seems to stick like glue. If you are looking for an exciting drive with loads of style, this is the car for you!
Only down side for me is Audi have brought out a new shape TT and I don't have it!!!